About Us....
Back in the heady old days of 1974, I began the only job I ever had that I felt was temporary, selling beads on the street at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco as a street artist. How could one possibly make a living selling beads? Puka shells were the rage of the day! I also did fabricated metal work in silver and brass that was embellished with beads.
Nine years later in 1983 I finally met Peter, who at the time was back to doing the leather work he did between his world trips. 
Together we made numerous trips to the Far East buying gems, jewelry and of course beads. The trips to Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India gave us an extensive knowledge base of other cultures. It also gave us an inside look at the workings of the trade from a different point of view.
On the home front we gradually moved from being San Francisco street artists to doing craft shows and having reps sell our hand crafted jewelry nationally. 
Along the way we began to accumulate lots of extra materials and started doing bead shows and bazaars to sell our over stock beads.
The seed bead mixes evolved from seed bead necklaces we once made. The seed beads were only the beginning of our love of Czech glass beads.
Today we specialize in glass beads from Europe; primarily The Czech Republic. Peter has made several trips to the Czech Republic and made some good connections. Not an easy thing to do! 
Here we are nearly 30 years have gone by…oh my! We’ve met so many creative people along the way. The stories we could tell. If we ever write a book about it, it would have to be called “As the Cable Car Turns” to remember our beginnings at the cable car turn around in San Francisco. Please remember names will be changed to protect the innocent!
Kelly Ladas
Peter Wiley


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