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Types of Glass Beads:

Seed Beads: Small Beads usually 2mm in size or less 
Bugles Beads: Tubular shaped beads that can range in length from 2-35mm 
"E" Beads: AKA 6/0 the big sister of seed beads, apx. 4mm diameter w/ less height 
Rocailles: Silver lined, transparent in color usually with a square hole. 
Charlottes: Sized the same as seed beads with one or two facets 
Chicklettes: Flat Rectangles about 5mm long, 4mm wide and 3mm thick. 
2-Cut: Sized the same as seed beads with six vertical sides on each bead also called "hex" 
3-Cut: Sized the same as seed beads but with faceting for sparkle 
Pressed Glass: Beads that are made by pressing molten glass into molds 
Druks: Round Glass Beads, available in millimeter sizing 
Rondells: Flattened round beads sometimes faceted or with design, the hole is in the center wheel style 
Fire Polish: Faceted glass beads that have been heat treated for a very shiny finish 

Colors & Types of Glass: 

Opaque: Solid color no light will pass through 
Transparent: Clear or colored, light will pass through 
Opal: Translucent milky glass
Satin: Satin like appearance achieved by putting air in the glass
Silk: Glass with an inner sheen
Agate: Usually white glass, with streaks of colored glass in the surface
Quartz: Usually clear or light colored glass with color streaks
Givre: Usually multi-colors of glass swirls
Tortoise: Amber color with blackish brown streaks
Art Glass: Usually clear or light colored glass with multi-color streaks
Cranberry: Rose swirled with white


Ceylon: Pearl like finish
Iris: Rainbow effect of oil dropped on water
Rainbow: Transparent rainbow colors on surface
Luster: Shiny, high gloss finish
Silver Lined: Silver mirror like finish in bead hole
Copper Lined: Copper finish in bead hole
Bronze Lined: Bronze finish in bead hole
Gold Lined: 24kt Gold lined
Matted: Soft dull finish
Color Lined: Clear or transparent bead with color lined hole
Metallic: metallic finish applied to the outside of the bead
Supra: matte metallic finish that resists fading & wear (washable)
Aurora Borealis: AKA: AB, a transparent rainbow like finish
Vitrail: Silvery metallic rainbow finish, on one side of bead
Marea: Golden metallic rainbow finish, on one side of bead
Gold: on pressed glass this means that one side has a pink gold finish
Gold Rain/Mottle: Splattered rain effect in gold
Silver: Silver on one side of bead
Silver All: Bead is covered in Silver
24kt Gold: Bead is covered in 24kt Gold
Matted A.B.: Gives a soft ghost like glow
Matted Vitrail: Raku pottery effect
Matted Marea: Raku pottery effect
Peacock: Similar to AB but the entire bead is coated
Pearlized: A pearl like coating
Glow: Similar to luster but with a warmer almost golden glow


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