The mixed beads are a mix of assorted sizes, including and not limited to
11/0, 10/0, 8/0, 6/0 seed beads, #2 bugles and chickletts.

-List of Mixed Seed Bead Colors-

Newest Mixes: 
Christmas Lights AKA Christmas 2003: Imagine a very dark December night. It's Christmas and the lights are glowing brightly! There's even a bit of garland! So lovely!
Fire! I had a burning desire to do this one. I'd like to think of it as a controlled burn. Just be careful not to burn your fingers when you open the tube! And please hold it away from your face!


The 60's Flash Back Series: Three Mixes that Rock & Roll!
Golden Gate Orange: Like the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco's best kept secret, yes, it's really orange and that's not pulp fiction! Good energy vibes! 
Screaming Yellow Sunflowers: Yellow, I wanted to call it "Makes Me Happy" or maybe "Good Day Sunshine". This one has Flower Power!
Turquoise with Silver: A positive turquoise high. All good hippies wore turquoise with their love beads.


Summer Garden "Bug Included" there's a Lady Bug bead at bottom of tube. No aphids, the lady bug ate them!
Bridal Veil Falls White, off white and ivory w/soft silver and gold tones "Pure as the driven snow" What ever that means!
Red Throb - Red w/ gold - biggest variety of red beads ever assembled in a tube
Black w/ Silver Black (you'd never believe that there as so many variations of black) with silver 
Black w/ Gold Ditto except for the silver, that's why it black w/ GOLD! Silly
Gray w/ Silver Really and truly this is an exciting combination, we took out the fog. 
Pink w/ Silver Cotton Candy (without the stick or stickiness for that matter)
Cobalt Blue w/ Silver Cobalt the dark blue with the ever so slight hint of purple. 
Cobalt Blue / Green w/silver & gold tones
Lt. Blue w/ Silver tones (looks good with jeans)
Purple w/ light silver and gold tones Purple…..we all know people who can never get enough
Purple / Green w/ light silver and gold tones the green with this one is Teal toned for those that like their purple with pizzazz!
Midnight at the Oasis - Montana Blues with silver and rose toned gold (This combination was produced late at night in the garage, my oasis.) The important fact to know about this situation is that beads do not talk back!
Primal Scream - Olivine Green / yellows and golds. Produced even later on the same evening as Midnight at the Oasis, the name is a result of a cat fight that took place at Apx. 2am (yes, I was still mixing beads. )
Medium Green the sedate cousin, Teal (blue toned greens) and soft golden tones
Olivine Yellow toned greens -- touch of orange …… Peas and Carrots????? Hum……It's important to have veggies!
Dk. Greens w/ Gold Emerald to Bottle Greens, Those handsome Scottish dudes wear this color of Tartan.
Amber w/ Gold All Amber shades from very light to very dark, it resonates. "Stunning"
Amber / Cream w/ gold Amber shades slightly lighter than Amber/Gold with eggshell (the Cream) color beads… Crème Brulee…Twinkies?
Taupe / Terra Cotta Brown, Brown Irises, Copper Lined, Bronze Lined Rust w/ warm gold tones. Back to the earth.
Aqua w/ Silver Aqua (Turquoise) shades with silver. Think of beautiful water but please no skinny dipping!
Rainforest Samba - greens, ambers & gold tones - rainforest critters are NOT included (We tried but the boa constrictor would not cooperate!)
True Rose with silvers and very soft gold and silver tones 
Lt. True Rose (Peachy Looking) with silver and very soft gold tones
"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.."(you know the song) AKA Christmas 2002, (limited edition), the 2001 Christmas mix did so well we gave it a GOLD STAR (bead)! Assorted reds & greens comes complete with a decorated Christmas Tree Bead at bottom of the tube. Please note Christmas 2003 will be arriving soon.
American Beauty Red, White & Blue with Silver, No protesters here. 
Shy Kitty (these little guys never come to the shows with us, crowds spook them,so they are available by direct order from the shelter, AKA warehouse!)
Due to the number of stray cats (loose cat beads) in our warehouse, I have been contemplating a way of getting them into good adoptive homes. It seems there were quite a few daddy cats involved, not to say that this is "Pawton Place", but the kitties are all different colors. They are shy and have camouflaged themselves in a variety of the bead mixes. Morris is hiding in the Amber, Smoky is somewhere in the Gray mix, Jet (named for his speed and color) is in the Black and Gold and Chatty Kathy (the Siamese) was last seen napping in the Amber/Cream. By the time this is posted there may have been a few more neighborhood indiscretions, which would open up the possibilities of more kitties with new hiding places!
The Adoption fee for these kitties is $5.00, that includes the tubes of mixed beads they are hiding in and formal adoption papers (the invoice).

The mixes are priced at $5.00 per tube approximately 22 Grams.
Minimum Order is $25.00
To order please call or e-mail us!


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